I put together this website after I purchased an Apple MacPro. I bought the machine out of my frustration with the video editing issues I was having with a PC. I approached Apple with great skepticism. Once I got passed the unique feel of a Mac, I was sold and pleased I made the transition. I have Frank Ghio (photographer friend) for pointing the way.

I wanted to use this website to broadcast my photography and video interests, which largely surrounds a hobby of mine - aviation. As an aviator, I am a Young Eagles Coordinator for the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), which provides free airplane rides to kids between the ages of 8 and 17. I designed this page in part to give parents and kids a place to get information regarding the EAA Young Eagles program (see the menu bar above). I love sharing the joy of aviation with kids, especially those have never flown before. I guess I do a good job at it, as I never had anyone throw up in my airplane - yet.

Flying is a great joy in my life. It is challenging, fun, and most of the time you are surrounded with beauty. Whether flying at sunrise, sunset, over mountains, or the ocean, the panoramic beauty is something to behold. You are enveloped by a 360 degree painting that you are right smack in the middle of. All of this is difficult to describe, it is something that has to be experienced. In case that does not make sense, this says it far better...

Science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask of life? Aviation combined all the elements I loved. There was science in each curve of an airfoil, in each angle between strut and wire, in the gap of a spark plug or the color of the exhaust flame. There was freedom in the unlimited horizon, on the open fields where one landed. A pilot was surrounded by beauty of earth and sky. He brushed treetops with the birds, leapt valleys and rivers, explored the cloud canyons he had gazed at as a child. Adventure lay in each puff of wind.

I began to feel that I lived on a higher plane than the skeptics of the ground; one that was richer because of its very association with the element of danger they dreaded, because it was freer of the earth to which they were bound. In flying, I tasted a wine of the gods of which they could know nothing. Who valued life more highly, the aviators who spent it on the art they loved, or these misers who doled it out like pennies through their antlike days? I decided that if I could fly for ten years before I was killed in a crash, it would be a worthwhile trade for an ordinary life time.”.

Charles A. Lindbergh, 'The Spirit of St. Louis,' 1953

“More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination”.

— Wilbur Wright

I have been flying for 10 years. I have single engine and twin engine ratings and certified to fly IFR (instrument flight rules). I have owned three airplanes - a Cessna 172, a Piper Archer II, and now, a Piper Twin Comanche. The Comanche is a great flying machine. Fast, economical and great engineering at a reasonable cost. It has been a 3-year love affair that keeps getting better.  I have some interesting video’s and pictures of the Piper Comanche posted here.

I hope you enjoy the web site!!

Scott J. Ducey



Scott J. Ducey is a general aviation pilot, photographer, and insurance guy. He also is an EAA Young Eagles Coordinator and provides free airplane rides to children between the ages of 8 and 17.